The Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition (LLC) was established in 2014 at the University of Turin as a joint initiative of the Departments of Philosophy and Education, Psychology, and Computer Science. It aims at promoting scientific progress by fostering constructive interactions among researchers with a different background. The members of LLC work in logic, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, theoretical computer science, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, psychology of reasoning, and cognitive neuroscience.


The Center hosts a wide variety of research activities and events. Its main research seminar, the LLC Seminar, meets regularly on Thursday afternoon. Other seminars are organized by three distinct research groups that fall under the LLC umbrella: Science & More, Mumble, and Neural Mechanisms. Finally, the Center organizes conferences and workshops on various topics, and hosts an annual series of lectures held by distinguished scholars, the LLC Lectures.