Open positions: TWO Postdoctoral Researchers in PRIN Project

As part of the PRIN project “From Models to Decisions”, two post-doctoral fellowships are opening at the University of Turin in the Department of Philosophy and Education. The duration of both positions is 18 months and the research topics are "Assessing Scientific Models" and "Uncertainty in Decision-Making". Candidates need a PhD in philosophy of science or related topics. Detailed information is provided on this website:


The PRIN Project. "From Models to Decisions" is a three-year research project in philosophy of science  funded by the Italian Ministry for University and Research. The project investigates the interface between modeling and decision-making: how scientific models function, how they advance our knowledge despite their intrinsic uncertainty, and how they are interpreted in a decision context.


The research is carried out at the IMT Lucca (G. Cevolani), San Raffaele University (C. Martini), the University of Turin (J. Sprenger) and the Polytechnic University of Milan (G. Valente). It involves various local research teams, joint workshops and conferences and is funded with a total amount of ca. 500,000 €.



Employment Terms and Conditions. The selected candidate will be appointed as a research fellow (assegnista di ricerca) for a period of 18 months. The fellowship (“assegno”) is exempt from regular income tax under Italian legislation; only social security contributions apply. The gross amount of the fellowship is 24,400 €; this translates to a monthly net salary of ca. 1,800 €. (Turin is a city with low living costs.) Sufficient travel funds are present in the project. The successful candidate shall contribute to the research activities of the Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition (LLC), to which he or she will be affiliated. There are no teaching obligations.



Language. Knowledge of Italian at the time of application is not required. It is expected to learn Italian to the degree that one can deal with elementary bureaucratic matters.



Application and Deadlines. The deadline for applications is on April 22, 2021, at 13:00 Italian Time (UTC+2). Applications must be submitted through the PICA system at Applicants can apply for one of the two positions or for both of them (in which case they need to file two separate applications). Any application should contain, as part of the CV file, a short description of the proposed research (ca. 500 words) in line with the research topics highlighted.



Selection Process. Interviews are scheduled for mid-May (remotely) and information about the outcome will be sent as soon as possible afterwards. The default starting date is 1 July or 1 September 2021.



For further questions please contact the project leader, Prof. Jan Sprenger, at