Seminar: Anandi HATTIANGADI

6 February 2020

LLC Seminar


16.00 – 18.00


Aula di Antica

Palazzo Nuovo (piano II)

via Sant'Ottavio 20, Torino



Anandi HATTIANGADI (Stockholm University)


Is intentionality determined by phenomenology?


Proponents of the Phenomenal Intentionality Thesis (PIT) hold that intentionality and phenomenology are very closely related. Though opinion differs as to exactly how they are related, some proponents of PIT argue for, or are at least sympathetic to, the following two theses: (i) there is a kind of content (phenomenal content) that is identical to, or metaphysically supervenes on phenomenal character alone, and (ii) all content metaphysically supervenes on phenomenal content together with the physical. In this paper, I argue that we have good reasons to reject these two theses.