LLC Lecture 2017: Athanasios RAFTOPOULOS

19 December 2017


LLC Lecture 2017


16.00 – 18.00

Sala Lauree

Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne

Palazzo Badini

via Verdi 10, Torino



Athanasios RAFTOPOULOS (University of Cyprus)


Timing time: Why early vision is cognitively impenetrable


Abstract. Recently the thesis that early vision is cognitively impenetrable has come under attack from different perspectives; the pre-cueing paradigm, the role of imagination in visual processing, and studies concerning early recurrent processing. Among all arguments for the cognitive penetrability of perception, the most prominent is that since recurrent processes are found very early in vision, early vision is cognitively penetrated. In this talk, I concentrate on this problem and specifically on a paper by Newen and Vetter (2016) in which it is argued that the cognitive penetration of perceptual experience is the most plausible account of the empirical evidence because of the role of early recurrent processing. I concentrate on this paper because the authors have put together the most recent evidence pertaining to early recurrent visual processing. Against Newen and Vetter, I argue that the evidence they present, if properly understood, supports the thesis that early vision is cognitively impenetrable because the recurrent processes in early vision do not involve cognition.