LLC Seminar

The LLC Seminar is our main research seminar. It includes both talks by invited speakers and works in progress by our members. The seminar meets Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm in the Department of Philosophy and Education, Via S. Ottavio 20, Turin. Talks are usually announced about one week before through our mailing list. Here is an updated plan of this year's meetings:

- 09/11/23 Claudio Calosi (Geneva), Logic of composition, logic of location

- 16/11/23 Fabrizio Calzavarini and Vincenzo Crupi (Turin), Critique of pure Bayesian cognitive science

- 18/01/24 Ivano Ciardelli (Padova), On the Ambiguity of Will-Conditionals

- 25/01/24 Marco Santambrogio (Parma)

- 01/02/24 Lucas Rosenblatt (Buenos Aires), Shameless Classicality

- 08/02/24 Andrea Iacona (Turin), Vagueness and Relative Truth

- 15/02/24 Paolo Migone, L'efficacia della psicoanalisi

- 22/02/24 Erika Luciano (Turin), Oral Culture, Shared Knowledge and Peano's Formulario

11/04/24 Marco Segala (L'Aquila)

- 14/05/24 Achille Varzi (Columbia)

- 23/05/24 Damian Szmuc (Buenos Aires)