LLC Seminar

The LLC Seminar is our main research seminar. It includes both talks by invited speakers and works in progress by our members. The seminar meets Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm in the Department of Philosophy and Education, Via S. Ottavio 20, Turin. Talks are usually announced about one week before through our mailing list. Here is an updated plan of this year's meetings:

06/10/22 Ciro De Florio and Aldo Frigerio (Università Cattolica, Milan), Future, Truth, and Probability.

13/10/22 Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini (Rutgers University), Covert Mixed Quotation.

03/11/22 Johannes Stern (University of Bristol), Conditionals, Paradox, and Semantic Indeterminacy.

01/12/22 Francesco Guala (Università di Milano Statale), Topological Models of Real Kinds.

23/02/23 Alexander Gebharter (University of Ancona), Causation and explanation in multi-level systems.

02/03/23 Massimiliano Carrara (University of Padua), A Topic Game Theoretical Semantics (TGTS) for PWK.

16/03/23 Giuseppe Spolaore (University of Padua), Information, objects, and their parts.

30/03/23 Elia Zardini (Complutense University of Madrid), Changing without Contra(di)ction.

25/05/23 Georg Brun (University of Bern).